“Be true brothers” — A Hajj reminder

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“Be true brothers” — A Hajj reminder

You are all connected now to something of which its greatness cannot be possibly comprehended. What is upon us is to seek the lights of these blessed months through such gatherings, to rid our hearts of that which Allah is not pleased to see & that causes hurt to the Noble Messenger ﷺ.

Ornament your hearts with his remembrance & exchange that which only distances you from him with that which though his pleasure will lead on to cause you to see him in every state.

He ﷺ is your leader so it’s only befitting to keep him in front of you. There is no success in any affair except through his door. It is the greatest of doors & the path to true happiness for you, your love ones & all those around you.

Rid your homes of programs & things which cause him ﷺ hurt. Don’t sing his praises & then return to the distractions set down by his enemies who don’t want good for you in this life or the next. Attending heavenly gatherings then going home & fulfilling the desires of your lower caprice.

The greatest action one can perform as the scholars inform us in Medina is to witness Him ﷺ in every place. The true lover finds hell in ceasing to remember his Beloved ﷺ.

Be of benefit to all creation & serve them. Be with the creation as if you have no self & be with Allah as if theres is no creation. We are there with you in spirit & it’s very humbling for such an unworthy sinner to be invited in upon such a banquet of pure love & remembrance.

Be true brothers, be soldiers of Allah. Don’t look down at your fellow comrades, they are you & you are them. Assist yourself by assisting them, clear your hearts of hatred, envy, anger, arrogance & look at what Allah has made clear for you. None despair save for those who disbelieve. You are all from the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ, an Ummah envied by other Prophets.

Turn your hearts solely to Allah, through the qibla of His Beloved ﷺ, so that your existence be sound, correct & meaningful. Don’t belittle a Sunnah, it’s only small in our eyes that haven’t yet gazed upon the Majesty of the One who brought it.

May Allah raise us with him ﷺ & keep us with him in every state, exchange our pitiful selves for him, to see him in our deeds & actions, our words & intentions. A people so immanently close to the end of time cannot fail to hold onto him desperately. Allah bless your gatherings, remember the Ummah in your prayers. Allah alone knows the desperation they are in.

If you’re not sincere then who else will be? If you don’t rid your hearts of these diseases through such gathering then who will? You have all been honoured, stand up to that which you have been gifted & seek assistance through prayer & patience, particularly in the last portion of the night.

Allah bless you all & I love you all for the sake of Allah. The connection of true brotherhood may never be severed or cut off, rather it remains from this life to the next. If you see us on that Day then remember this gathering, that you might take me by the hand. I leave you all in the protection of Allah, the One who neglects not that which has been entrusted unto Him.
Sidi Musab Penfound (Tarim, Yemen) Hajj reminder.

Thanks to Ubaydul Islam for compiling the notes & May Allah accept his Hajj.

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