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The Blessed Hub Curated allows us to spend even more time making sure each and every issue holds quality content for our audience which consists of great influencers from across Manchester (if not, the globe). It also is a nice way for our community to showcase their work. Your message will go out to all subscribers (currently over 530 and growing), combined with only the best content from the week.

Currently there are two spots you can claim, one is for companies that would like to support The Blessed Hub Curated and want to be named and a link at the top of an email. The other one is for interesting content or product that an organisation wants to showcase to our audience.

You can book a slot below and we will get in touch to see if your link is a fit for our community and to handle payment. Not every sponsor application will get through as not everything works well with The Blessed Hub Curated. However, if it does, it is an amazing spot to acquire.

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Whether you wish to donate to The Blessed Hub cause, sponsor or promote your work, or help someone in need of our legacy funds. Consider donating!

The Blessed Hub inspires positive Muslim living by helping people grow in their faith, impact their community, and discover meaningful events, content, and products.

We pack each issue with content to inspire and strengthen faith on a regular basis. We hand-pick content that we feel goes in line with our vision of a triple bottom line: people, planet, purpose (growth, discovery and giving).

Through our legacy project we help support individuals in need! You can help contribute to their future.

The Blessed Hub remains a small charity and has relied upon small donations ever since we formed in June 2012. You are most welcome to continue contributing through the various options below:

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