Hope and Fear

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Hope and Fear

Have you ever been so distressed by your sins that it leaves your head pounding? so much to the extent that you toss and turn each night, fearing for your afterlife. How could you disobey your creator like that? You sit there at night and cry till you can’t cry anymore and you feel as if you’ve lost all hope in you. How could anything possibly save you now?

Know oh suffering believer! Allah is aware of the pain you feel in your heart and this is nothing but another test for you. In principle, the distress your feeling is good. Believe it or not it’s pure humility in front of Allah that makes you feel the way you do, even though it may not seem like it.

The next step is simple. Now you need to study the mercy of Allah and enter into it with the pure love that already exists within you. Remind yourself that your sins are small compared to the abundant mercy of Allah. This entire world is built on the mercy of Allah and as he says in the Quran his mercy will always outweigh his wrath.

The fact you are aware of your shortcomings is nothing less than a huge favor and mercy from Allah itself. So be content, be grateful and continue to purify and better yourself.

“A believer should be like a bird that has hope on its one wing and fear on the other and the head of it is mercy” Rumi

You see Allah turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means off opposites, so you will have two wings to fly not one.

Know we live in fear and hope, and that’s how our lives should always be, with love overcoming fear.


By Aneesa Hussain
The Blessed Hub

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