Jay Diamond: My Experience of Ramadan

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Jay Diamond: My Experience of Ramadan

On Saturday 13th July 2013, The Blessed Hub took part in the Experiencing Ramadan project run by Ali Amla of Penwortham, near Preston. It is an opportunity for people of all faiths and none to join the Muslim community in fasting for the day. The event would also raise money for the charity Mind with everyone joining the Muslim community for Iftar to share a meal and reflections.

A participant, Jay Diamond, a Singer, DJ, Radio and TV Presenter from Unity Radio.fm shares here thoughts.


I was invited to experience Ramadan by a friend Rojin (Events and networking at The Blessed Hub). I was interested and being a person who tried most things once, after a little nervousness decided to give it a try.

It led me to look into why people fast, the spiritual connection to fasting and praying, and why this had shown up in my life. I made it my business to look deeper, and found that people across the planet have used fasting and prayer for centuries. So I dedicated the day to myself and my connection to myself and what I call God.

I ate well at Suhoor, being mindful of eating protein and complex carbs so I would feel full. I felt very much supported in the process, not pressured at all, and Rojin checked on me to check I was ok. Actually it was much easier than I expected to do it for a day. I don’t know how I would get on for a month, and I feel with the right support it would be possible.

At the evening meeting we shared our experiences, and I felt I had insight in to the love the Muslim community has to share, and experienced people speaking and acting from their heart. At Iftar I was well fed, and well looked after, though, surprisingly I wasn’t starving hungry. If anything I was I felt more thirsty.

It was interesting to learn how many Muslims connect to gratitude for what they have during Ramadan, give to charity, and become conscious of what they consume. I enjoyed the experience and feel blessed for it.

Jay Diamond

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