LINCOLNSHIRE – Friday 1st August 2014

The Blessed Hub were shortlisted into the top three candidates for an award under “Innovation, Business and Skills” at the Living Islam Festival 2014 by the Islamic Society of Britain.

The award indentifies individuals (Sarah Javaid of MADE in Europe, and Shazia Saleem of iEatFoods) and initiatives (The Blessed Hub) that have promoted business and entrepreneurial mind-sets inclusive of the promotion of social enterprise. Creating solutions to social needs and displaying outstanding business acumen in their industry. Promoting innovation and cultures of creativity, orginiality and uniqueness.

The eventual winner was Shazia Saleem of iEatFoods. We congratulate the entrepreneur of the year for this award and on her great work in promoting halal and tayyib food. Likewise we congratulate MADE in Europe for their nomination and great work they continue to do year on year.

It was an honour and a surprise to our team to have been nominated by the public for an award. It was perhaps even more surprising that we were nominated under this category. We’d like to thank all the volunteers who have helped make The Blessed Hub community a reality. May God bless you all.

It was an excellent day, many familiar faces, surprises and much to talk about.

Future. Hope. Humanity. Prayers.